Saturday, June 13, 2009

Show 54

Sorry I've been neglecting the blogging a big. Illness in the family has kept me away from my keyboard. As a buffer a "classic" episode was moved into the schedule (see if you can tell which one!). Production of the show never stopped, but the "classic" was moved into the schedule in case I need to be away for a there's a longer "buffer" between when shows are produced, and when they air.

At any rate, most affiliates will air Show 54 in three weeks, and it's a good one, loaded with songs that have never been on Saving the 70s before, and haven't been on your radio in a LONG TIME! Plus there's ACTUAL audio of the Apollo 13 mission...including those famous words spoken by Tom Hanks in the movie!

What would you like to hear on the show that you're not hearing, or haven't heard? PLEASE tell me! I take requests, and delight in giving you WHAT YOU WANT! As desperate as that sounds, it's actually true!

Again, welcome to English-speaking listeners in Spain, and public radio listeners across Alaska. Let's keep "Saving the 70s!"

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