Thursday, July 9, 2009

Show 58 'n stuff

Show 58 is almost done, I'll put the finishing touches on it tomorrow (Friday July 9). There's some "tasty" stuff in this one, including classic clips from 'All In The Family' and 'Sanford and Son', along with "Uncle" Walter Cronkite giving us the lowdown on Three Mile Island. Did the world end? Listen to find out! Show 58 will air in a couple of weeks on most affiliate stations.

Monday, July 6, 2009

How to listen to the latest show on your internet radio

I'm a radio nerd. I love new radios. And last Christmas my wife got me a new KIND of radio...a stand-alone internet radio. It's the Revo Blik, a wi-fi radio based on "Reciva" technology.

Although you can listen to stations without using your computer, for the really neat stuff, like programming your own stations and streams into the set, is accomplished at the Reciva website, at

If you have one of the Reciva-based radios, here's how to listen to the latest installment of "Saving the 70s" from our website. Just copy and past the following link into the "My Streams" section of the site, while logged in with your user-name. Here's the link

That's the link of the Real Audio "ram" file at out website. The "ram" file is merely a text file that tells the RealAudio player where to find the audio. If you're into "geek-stuff", here's what the text looks like in the "ram" file:

To explain, The Production Room Dot Net is the master website of "The Production Room", my radio prodution business, and the home of "Saving the 70s". "RealAudio" is the name of the folder on my site where streaming audio files are stored. And "latestshow.ra" is the actual name of the audio file. Pretty simple, right? You'd be surprised how long it took me to get streaming audio to work reliably, and sound good!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Show 57 & Random notes

Show 57 is in the can. It will air on most stations in a couple of weeks. Note: Saving the 70s is available on many affiliates...including AM, FM, and internet-only stations. Most terrestrial stations that carry the show also stream online, so you should be able to hear it most anywhere with a broadband connection. And if all else fails, you can stream the latest show from our website at or simply click here

The show streams from our website in CD-Quality Real Audio with AAC encoding. Side-by-side with the original master of the show, it's really difficult to tell the difference...the audio is that good!

Happy Birthday America! We're 233 years old!