Monday, May 11, 2009


To answer a question I recieved via e-mail, YES the photo at the top of the blog IS taken at the desk in my studio where the show is produced.The show is done on Adobe Audition 3. The photo shows the "Edit" window. Many bits are recorded and "sweetened" (tweaked for best sound quality) here. Mixing is done in the "Multitrack" window, using the automated "flying faders" mixing option, which remembers and recreates fader moves.

Once the file is mixed to stereo, final audio "sweetening" is added to even out levels and provide maximum impact, plus any necessary edits are performed in the "Edit" window.The completed show is saved as a Windows Media LOSSLESS file, which takes up only half the hard-drive space as an uncompressed .wav file, but with no loss in quality.

Files downloaded by stations are encoded at 320kbps mp3 using a custom preset tweaked for best sound, and made available for download by affiliate stations "officially" on Thursday, but usually as early as Wednesday of each week.

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